1916 Baldwin St. | Houston, TX 77019 | 713-677-0567
1916 Baldwin St. | Houston, TX 77019 | 713-677-0567

Your destination getaway in the heart of Midtown Houston

Your destination getaway
in the heart of Midtown Houston


Hours of Operation:

Sunday:  2pm - 12am
Monday:  Closed
Tuesday:  5pm - 12am
Wednesday:  5pm- 10Pm
Thursday:  5pm - 10pm
Friday:  5pm - 12am 
Saturday:  2pm - 2am


*While not inclusive, as a general guideline:
Casual attire wear are required.
The following are prohibited:
⁃Athletic Wear
⁃House slippers
⁃Tank tops/ Cutoff Tees
⁃Excessively Revealing Clothing
⁃White Tees
⁃Sweat Pants
⁃Slides/Sandals (men)
Welcome to a place that's making waves in Midtown Houston – Palapas. This new destination lounge is more than just your typical bar, it's a multi-level, immersive escape to vacation-style relaxation right in the heart of the city. Comprising three floors, each with its own theme, Palapas offers an extraordinary mix of atmosphere, culture, and tropical allure that is sure to enchant any visitor.

The magic of Palapas lies in its careful design and structure. Each floor is a distinct and well-crafted experience, transporting patrons to various corners of the world. From the top, the third floor offers an awe-inspiring view of the surrounding area, providing a serene, open-air ambiance reminiscent of an exclusive tropical resort. Complete with Instagram-worthy scenes and photo opportunities, it's the perfect spot to unwind and soak in the city skyline, margarita in hand.

Descending to the second floor, you're greeted with an entirely different aesthetic. Embracing the mystique of the Day of the Dead, this space is imbued with cultural touchpoints and rich symbolism. Bathed in vibrant colors, this floor offers an intimate, energetic, and lively vibe. It is a truly dynamic space that serves as a photogenic backdrop, guaranteeing to elevate any social gathering.

Stepping down to the ground level, you're met with the idyllic charm of a Cabo beach. The outdoor patio here is an exquisite slice of paradise, laid with fine white sand and surrounded by warm, inviting lighting. It's an enticing retreat, designed to let patrons momentarily forget they're in the heart of a bustling city, offering a space of relaxation that promises summer vibes all year round.

Palapas is more than just a lounge and bar; it's a community hotspot. Anticipate spending warm summer nights under the stars, sipping cocktails with friends, or sinking your toes into the Cabo-themed sand while enjoying tasty tacos. It's a destination that beckons to locals and tourists alike, beckoning them to experience a unique fusion of cultures in a laid-back, yet sophisticated, setting. Palapas isn't just a place, it's an experience that's sure to become a beloved staple in Midtown Houston's social scene.